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Are you unsure if you should build a native app, a web app, a hybrid app, or a website? Or maybe you have heard of a "Progressive Web App" but aren't clear on what it is, or on its current level of support?

Building a new application in 2018 is not as straight-forward as it used to be, and the device war is still in its infancy. With all of the new technology coming out, how can you ensure that your technology investment gets the farthest reach and the most longevity?

Progressive web apps are a step into the future, that you can make today. The concept has been developing since 2015, led by the Chrome team, joined by Edge and Mozilla, and most recently by Apple; browser vendors are rapidly pushing browser technology into the future.

It is now possible to create a single application that is available and installable on any mobile or desktop device!

An exciting proposal for any company looking to create a modern digital experience without breaking the bank. There is so much more to learn about this topic... 

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