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January 2019 marks Tragic Media’s 10th year in business!

We will save you from the cliches, but the past ten years have flown by. We have been fortunate to work on a number of noteworthy projects over the years: from creating a custom theme for and Facebook games for the Lego Movie to building applications for Intuit.

We have witnessed dramatic changes in design principles, frameworks, tools, and software over these 10 years. Perhaps more importantly, we are seeing user and client expectations change to match these new possibilities.

But our approach has remained the same. I started Tragic in January 2009 after seeing how bloated and broken traditional software agencies are. That is why I cringe when trying to explain Tragic to new clients because we have never identified as an "agency" or "software development company".

For those curious, the chicken came before the egg in our naming. Tragic Media was supposed to identify us as an edgy brand inline with my personal style. But shortly after starting my company, I started to see a pattern of broken and disappointed business owners trying to not get ripped off – and agencies coming to us to fix disastrous projects. Our name gained a more tangible meaning: Tragic Media saves your business from software development tragedies!

We are currently working on really exciting new projects, as well as exploring cutting-edge technologies that our customers would like to better understand. We will share more news with you very soon!

In addition, the Tragic team plans to create a series of posts around what has changed in the software landscape over the past 10 years. We would love to get your input on what topics, technologies, and companies you would like to see us cover.

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Thank you for continuing to follow our awesome technological adventure!


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